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Mobile phone 3D Glass today



   The cold winter of the metal back cover has come
   Mobile phone industry technology change is changing with each passing day, the pace of change is very fast, in 2016, mobile phones or metal fuselage dominating the era, we are still concerned about metal processing, nano-injection molding technology. But in just over a year, the winter behind the metal has come! Curved glass and ceramic covers have ascended in a short period of time in the mainstream of high-end models have occupied a large proportion, so many metal back cover processing enterprises have a time to seek transformation, headache. Next year. Or will be the last year of the metal back cover!
   The development of 3D glass is beyond imagination. In July last year, the concept of 3D glass cover began to rise, but the problems of productivity and yield were not well solved. The technology of 3D glass thermal bending still depends on foreign equipment; Fragile and other problems can not be solved; At the same time, the application of this innovative technology also touched the interests of many enterprises, for a time, there are different opinions, some people support, some people oppose, and some even criticize and shout: glass cover is pure bullshit. Mobile phone metal cover will never perish, penetration will continue to rise year by year! But only a year later, the metal back cover was thrown away from the 3D glass process. With the joint efforts of the industry chain enterprises, the technology breakthrough, yield, pass rate, efficiency and so on have been greatly improved. The 3D glass cover processing enterprise led by Burns is also looking for the technical breakthrough. Many well-known metal back cover processing companies such as BYD, Changying, Foxconn have also invested in the research and development of 3D glass cover, Apple, Huawei in vivo. Xiaomi and other domestic and foreign mainstream mobile phone terminal brands on the hyperboloid glass cover, we have to say, the time has come!