Application Fields

Typographical display field

    During the traditional evaporation process, organic materials are deposited on the glass substrate
without distinction. Typographical display technique however, can print organic materials on needed 
area, which significantly improves the utilization of organic materials and also is more environmentally
 friendly.With the assistance of typographical display technique, the utilization of organic materials has
improved greatly, and there is no need to purchase and maintain vacuum evaporation chamber, make
precise metal mask plate or offer color filter, which radically reduces the costs of production. With the
advent of typographical display technique featured the advantages of large areas, low costs and high 
sigma, the problems of expensive costs and low sigma that have restricted the popularization of OLED
TV go away.
    Printed electronic ink-jet printer prepared by Hisense can be used to print pixels, auxiliary electrode
 and packaging materials.