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Kunshan Hisense is invited to participate in Typographical


    KunShan Hisense is invited to participate in Typographical Display Technical Seminar held in Beijing.
   At the invitation of Electronics Division of MIIT, Dr. Xu Haisheng, the chief executive of Hisense attended the Typographical Display Technical Seminar held in Beijing on Jan. 12, 2018. The attendees also include enterprises such as BOE, BOE, Skyworth Group, Tianma Micro-electronics and CSOT as well as the research institutions such as Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Xu introduced the electronic ink-jet printing equipment and techniques prepared by Hisense and their application in Display industry. All attendees have given positive answers to the equipment and techniques of Hisense. And also the attendees have reached an agreement to strengthen the cooperation among end-users, material suppliers and equipment suppliers, so that they can make contribution to the typographical display industry in China.